Our Fire Solution Services

We can help ensure that your business, company, or organization has all the fire safety procedures up to date through Safety Net Fire Solutions Ltd!

Our Fire Solution Services

We can help ensure that your business, company, or organization has all the fire safety procedures up to date through Safety Net Fire Solutions Ltd!

Access Control

Access control is becoming more and more prevalent in enterprises these days, and contemporary access-control systems provide modifiable access rights.

We will work with you to determine your needs up front and supply you with a service and system that will satisfy those demands. We can implement access control systems to satisfy your security requirements.

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CCTV Cameras for commercial properties

CCTV Systems

For many businesses, commercial CCTV systems are necessary to monitor and secure operations at the location. They may be used to track down and help prosecute criminals, in addition to being a useful tool for monitoring.

installing CCTV security systems for businesses while making use of state-of-the-art equipment and cameras.

Additionally, we modify your security system to suit your needs.

Fire Alarms

It's crucial to have a suitable number of smoke alarms in your home. Studies on fire have revealed that modern furniture spreads fires considerably faster than furniture made of more natural materials in the past.

The purpose of a safety system known as a fire alarm system is to detect and alert occupants and emergency personnel to the presence of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other fire-related conditions. Fire alarm systems are a requirement for the majority of commercial structures.

Fire Alarm services
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Fire Doors

Fire doors are a vital part of any building's fire prevention system because they slow the spread of the fire and give responding emergency workers more time to contain the damage and save lives.

We provide a prompt and trustworthy service, regardless of whether you require a comprehensive fire compartment evaluation for the entire building or the fire doors in your just acquired house need to be inspected.

Fire Risk Assessments

With a Fire Risk Assessment, Safety Net Fire Solutions Ltd can collaborate with you and your company, organisation, or business to make sure you completely abide by all applicable fire safety laws.

Your comprehensive FRA will be sent in a report with a clear front and spiral binding, this will usually require 60 to 90 minutes of your  time and energy.

Fire Extinguishers
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Fire Stopping

In a fire-resistance-rated wall or floor assembly, fire-stopping is a type of passive fire protection that is utilised to seal around apertures and between joints.

Closing all entrances to prevent heat, smoke and fire from spreading to other areas of the building is the simplest way to put it. A fire can be kept from spreading by segmenting the building into fire-resistant areas. Buildings must ensure that all gaps, apertures, and voids are fire protected in order to restrict the spread of fire both laterally and vertically.

Zone Plans

It is a schematic showing the floors, stairs, exits, fire zones and escape routes in your building. Safety Net Fire Solutions Ltd specializes in creating professional Zone Plans.

A fire department must know how your facility is laid out before entering in case of an emergency. This enables them to quickly determine where any potential fire has occurred. An accurate indication of the building's orientation is provided by this panel, which is attached to your fire alarm panel.

Zone planning for fire safety